Our fitness programmes are carefully designed to meet the needs of each particular group. They focus on movement, balance and building strength, and provide advice on wellbeing, nutrition and recovery. Each session can be adapted for all levels of physical ability, and our expert instructors will support, advise and help individuals along the way. All our instructors have specific training and qualifications to ensure that every person is appropriately catered for.


In partnership with the Topic of Cancer charity, we provide specialist classes for people suffering from cancer, or those recovering from treatment. The sessions are designed to improve strength, fitness and mobility and can be amended to suit those in all stages of treatment in partnership with TOC and other donors, carers are also welcome.


We have developed a close partnership with Eikon, a charity that supports vulnerable young people in Surrey in a number of ways. By funding and providing bespoke fitness programmes at Kings College, Broadwater and other local schools, including boxing, yoga and general fitness, we are able to give young people a sense of achievement whilst enhancing their physical and mental health.

Mental Health

We work with Oakleaf charity to assist with funding their fitness sessions, nutritional workshops and specialist wellness courses. This is an integral part of their programme of Social Inclusion, all catering towards building confidence, physical health and wellbeing.