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Update: We’re now a registered charity (no. 118715)

Thrivefit wants to help you strengthen your mind and body so you can enjoy or maintain a better quality lifestyle using our excellent health and well-being programmes.

As a not for profit, we work with everyone but will focus on those facing disadvantage across Surrey, offering community focused personalised training, education and support which will help them to become more active, more engaged and more connected in their local community.

Thrivefit supports those who are disadvantaged by age, ill health, youth, disability, financial hardship, by providing fitness sessions, nutrition advice, exercise programmes and well-being support.

Our programmes give exercise opportunities to teenagers, help those undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment, provide classes to improve functionality and postural stability in older adults, support Duke of Edinburgh participants and provide workouts for those living with Parkinson’s.

Our aim is to bring communities of like-minded individuals together, providing a network of support and friendship, and give our participants the strength, self-confidence and the ability to live active, healthy lives, and thrive!

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I joined ToCFit to try and regain my fitness after a year out with cancer. Through the guidance of their expert instructors I was able to slowly build my strength and get back to running and exercising with confidence.

The classes were friendly and introduced me to a group of people in a similar situation, who were always keen to stay around for a chat or a coffee after the session.

With their support I’m now back exercising better than ever, and recently finished first in the Guildford parkrun. I could never have done it without the ToCFit programme at TurnFit Studios. 

It helped me regain strength inside and out. I recommend it to anyone.

– Ben Evans